The use of the shampoo has always been so easy, with no side effects, and over the years, I have promoted Cinta as a safe, effective and economical hair care to family and friends.

Samara, Lapstone NSW


Enjoy how I can colour my hair just in the shower.

Glenda, Berwick VIC

I am 45 years old and have brown hair with a bit of grey hair mostly around the temples. The shampoo covers them enough to leave a shiny burgundy highlight.  I don't do any other hair colouring, it's so easy to use and means I don't have to sit around in hairdressers wasting time waiting for dyes.

Skye, Warren NSW


I am very happy with the shampoo I ordered. It's great, thank you!

Emelia, Kilsyth VIC

Cinta Auburn is a fabulous colour enhancement product especially suitable for natural redheads who are “fading” and need a lift.

Susan, Vermont VIC


I have been using Cinta colour auburn shampoo for over 30 years. Now that I am in my mid-fifties I need to use a colour treatment, but still use Cinta auburn shampoo as the perfect between colour refresher. I don’t know what I would do without it. Thanks for making such a great product.

Cathryn,  Mt Stuart TAS


I found your shampoo when COVID first put us in lockdown and I was looking for options other than my usual highlights from my hairdresser. I purchased the Warm Brown knowing that my Grey at 57 was way more than just sneaking through, and have been so happy with the results and coverage.  This shampoo is amazing and I have even told my hairdresser about it who now recommends it too. I have not gone back to any other colour product and won’t simple as that. For just a couple of minutes sitting in my hair in the shower I have amazing grey coverage and a natural colour. Recently when you were out of stock of warm brown I purchased Burgundy and now alternate the two every few days and create my own shade. I can’t see how anybody would be disappointed with this product, it is simple to use, quick to apply, reasonably priced and I love my hair.

Wendy, Kiama Downs, NSW


I love your colour shampoo. I use Dark Chocolate Brown and it turns my grey hair into golden blonde highlights. I have been going grey for over 20 years so I have an even coverage of grey and to everyone else it looks like I have foils put in at the hair dressers.  Thank you so much, I couldn’t be without your shampoo.